Building Opportunities for Sweet Success

Building Opportunities for Sweet Success

Are you a BOSS Lady?

The term ‘boss lady’, especially when used in the context of manipulative control, doesn’t appeal to me much if any. When used to represent a no-nonsense, kickass, and go-getter approach to attaining one’s goal surely, I’m all in.

It was bright sunny Saturday morning and I was exceptionally cheerful. Particularly because I was doing something outside of my routine on this day. Usually I stay home and do chores, business or simply sleep – the choice is all mine. This morning though, I was attending a business event. It wasn’t just a regular event, it was a BOSS Lady’s event (BOSS is Building Opportunities for Sweet Success). I was pumped up. The day didn’t disappoint either.

As I drove to the event I contemplated doing something which has become a bit too frequent – something that many other BOSS ladies are familiar with. I wanted to apply my makeup whilst in transit. I didn’t do it at home as I never wanted to be late to get to the Pegasus Hotel.

This was one of the times I prayed for the red at the traffic light. My prayer was answered on a few occasions but guess what? Each time I get the red, there was no one in front which means that there was much more pressure on me to be alert to know when the green comes on. As a side note, driving in Jamaica dictates that you move the very second (or before) the green comes on. Failing that, you are met choice words of varying colours.

I began to pray to get the red but to be behind other vehicles. And then something hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized how much of a metaphor for life this thinking was. Many times, we pray and seek after opportunities, but then when they come we begin to even second guess if we are deserving of it or whether we can handle the responsibilities that accompany them.

An epiphany came immediately. I was to recognize the season I’m in. If you grew up in church you know the song, “I’m next in line for my blessing”. We have been singing that song for so long that we are the counter ‘being served’ and we don’t even know it. Words are powerful. Don’t make the mistake of reversing your position by your own words.

The season I’m in is a winning season. One that dictates that my mask has to go on first so I can be equipped to bring others along to win too. It’s a season that recognize, that like the “Good Samaritan”, I have stop briefly to assist but then continue on my journey to take care of what I must so I can return and give extra assistance where necessary.

We cannot give from empty cups. As entrepreneurs, we take care of so many tasks, teams and everything and everyone else. We often neglect our own personal needs. We must stop to appreciate the season we are in and act accordingly.

I’d like to hear from you. What season are you in? Leave a comment below.

Heneka Watkis-Porter is a serial-entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, sociologist, author, speaker, fashion designer and podcaster. She wakes up every day with a grateful heart as she lives her purpose of “life transformation through inspiration”. She is the leading lady behind Patwa Culcha International, the company that owns the authentic Jamaica clothing brand, Patwa Apparel.

015 – A Look into Creating Copy that Converts to Grow Your business & Connect with Your Clients, with Lisa Rothstein

Lisa Rothstein has extensively worked as a copywriter and in advertising on two continents. This has been invaluable in pitching her scripts to Hollywood and as a freelance copywriter & marketing consultant in the US and other parts of the world. She helps clients hone their strategy and their brand messages. She is currently co-authoring a book called DaVinchi Dilemma, addressing the challenge of distraction caused by having too many talents and ideas.

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Show  Notes:

If you are at a friend or relative’s house for dinner and you find a dead insect in your salad, what would you do?

I think that I would make it go away or disappear into my napkin and pretend nothing had happened. Depending on the relative or friend I might pick the insect out of my salad and pretend to make it talk and say, “I’m really glad you’ve invited me to dinner, I hope I didn’t eat too much.” I like to be creative with what I find.

What is Copy Writing?

First of all, it has nothing to do with Copyright which you hear about in the legal profession. Copy Writing has to do with writing the kind of text and content that sells your products and services. It is a little different from content writing as all copy is content but not all content is copy. For example, a blog is content but not copy; a podcast is content but not copy. Parts of the content where we may offer or sell something is considered copy. Copy is the parts of the texts and content that you use to make an offer or that you use to invite people to sign up for something leading to a sale.

There are different types of copy writing. Most copy writing has to do with direct marketing. The kind of thing where you would put on a website, in an email, or on a landing page. This is a different to what you’d see on TV. Some persons make the mistake of thinking that you have to be witty and grab attention the same way a TV commercial does.

How important it is to nail that copy to ensure our message is received in the way it was intended?

It is essential and super important. At a networking event, you have a chance to explain yourself but your copy is sitting on the internet or in a letter that you sent. You’re not there to help them along to figure things out. They have to get it, to understand what you’re selling or what you’re trying to sell them, what you’re trying to do, why it is important without any help from you. That may make you feel there is a lot of pressure on you to get it right.

You don’t have to be a genius. Writing in a more authentic way like you would talk is way more effective in business than to come up with just do it or some form of clever tag line.

The more problems you’re solving for your customers, talk about those things that you already know how to do. But a lot of people don’t want to believe it’s that simple.  Just record yourself talk your copy. Approach it as though you’re talking to a real person because you’re talking to a real person. Write as though you’re talking to one person. You should hire a Copy Writer only when you know your business and you know who your ideal client is.

The importance of story-telling in copy writing?

It’s always been a terrific tool to used. There are a few different types of stories that you can tell. It is great because people have always loved stories. They go wild for stories as they help to create connection. When you tell stories about yourself in your copy, it connects you with your client and it gives you credibility. You can also tell stories about your clients and how they’ve transformed and have success stories. If you don’t have any of that you can use parables and fables to make a point similar to in the bible. The idea is that a story has a beginning, middle and end. It’s good to look into your business for stories that demonstrate a point that you’re trying to make across Facebook, videos, etc.

What is the one thing that bugs you when you look at copies?

The thing that bugs me the most is that they talk too much about themselves and too soon before demonstrating what my issues are and what I want. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Get their attention first.

Take us through writing a copy for someone who is selling clothes.

It depends on how much they’re already engaging with people. Importantly, if you’re just sending it out only when you have something to sell you’re not going to have a good result. You could start by sending out something that your client is already talking about such as fashion trends and showing them what different celebrities are wearing. In the next email, you say if you like what you saw in the previous email then we have these. Or show them how to wear a particular pair of shorts, what to wear it with, etc. It is easy to write copy when you know what these people are about. The tone of how you come across is important.

Think about who you are showing up as and speak in that voice.

Main Take-Aways: 

  • You should hire a Copy Writer only when you know your business and you know who your ideal client is.
  • When you tell stories about yourself in your copy, it connects you with your client and it gives you credibility.
  • Always approach your copy as if you’re talking to a real person because you are.


Resources to #PeakYourPerformance:

Brainstorming Tool

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Question of the Day:

How are you using your story to impact your business and those around you? Do leave a comment below.

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Losing your entrepreneurial fire? 10 Quotes that will supercharge your energy.

Losing your entrepreneurial fire? 10 Quotes that will supercharge your energy.

“Many rivers to cross, still I can’t seem to find my way over”. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will find yourself muttering or maybe even belting out the lyrics to this 1969 Jimmy Cliff classic.

The life of an entrepreneur is by no means an easy one. Another tune rings deafening in my head as I type this post, “It’s not an easy road, dem si di glamour an di glitta an dem tink a bed a rose”. Buju Banton knows this all too well.


014 – The Power of Using Your Story to Provide Inspiration and Have Great Success, with Greg Walker

Greg Walker is the only one of fifteen children to ever Graduate High School.  An expert on Leadership & Success, he became a Millionaire at a young age, owning three Franchises. Known as “The Big Dreamer,” he will inspire you to achieve all your Dreams or Visions.

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Show  Notes:

Where is your favourite fun spot to go?

I love the movies

What was your experience as a child growing up?

My experience was not a great one, growing up with 15 children born to alcoholic and drug addicted parents. My mother actually stabbed me. I grew up with dysfunction. I have 14 siblings and I was the only one who graduated high school. I graduated 454 out of 455. The only reason I graduated was that my teacher changed my grades a month before graduation. She saw something in me that I did not see in myself.

How did your environment affect you mentally?

People hear me speak all over the world now and can’t believe that I was very shy. I didn’t speak till I was eleven years old because of what I saw in my life. Five years ago, I decided I was going to speak. I joined Toastmasters through my friend and mentor Les Brown. In six months, I spoke at the World Championship Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now people are paying me up to $20,000 to peak. I speak with Les Brown.

I opened up hundreds of restaurants, I never had meeting with my employees because I was afraid to speak; I had to delegate. Now I speak to everyone.

What is the power of a story?

I did not know I why I was winning all these trophies in Toastmasters. I asked someone who believed in me why do people like me speaking and he said, “Greg, if you would just stand there, you would see that the other Toastmasters, they give speeches, you give a story and a message.” I had no idea what he meant. Les Brown taught me that speeches tell, stories sell.

How do you craft your story to impact the world?

The average speaker has between 2 and 5 speeches. You just craft it to where you want to go. My main story is “I am Possible”, the second one is called “No Excuses”, and the third one is called “I am not born to be average”. I craft it to whoever wants me to speak. It is an art form and once you learn how to do it, there are a lot of people who will pay you good money.

Les always taught me, there is enough to go around for a million people but you’ve got to have the story. Les always say, don’t let your speaking get in your way of the audience of what they need to hear. I don’t speak to impress, I speak to inspire.

How can we use stories to help sell products or services?

You’ve got to touch the heart. So many people sell their products instead of selling themselves. People buy into you, not your products. When you go buy a luxury car, they don’t tell you about the specifications, they tell you about the experience. When you tell your story, you have to get people to buy into you, not the product. I tell people that if you are good enough, the world will see you. If you are persistent, that will trump anything.

Do you have to go through what you’ve been through to have a story?

Everybody has a story. You don’t have to have a bad story, you can use other people’s story. I use other people’s story all the time. The idea is to think, how can I add value to that person’s life? What do they need to hear me say?

What does success means to you?

Waking up; When I wake up, I have the opportunity that somebody doesn’t have because they may be dying of Cancer. The Power of NOW…No Opportunity Wasted.

What piece of advice can you give for persons working towards success?

My roadmap for success is CPP – the choices I made got me in a different direction that my siblings did; the people I hung out with gave me a different direction; my persistence got me into a direction. Persistence trumps any college degree. I don’t have a college degree. You have find something that makes you jump out of bed in the mornings.

You’ve got to learn to use your pain. My pain made me a speaker; made me into a number 1 best seller. We all too big to dream small. Tell yourself that you are great; that you’re a millionaire, you just haven’t cashed the check yet. If you don’t take care of your daily responsibilities, you don’t have to worry about 3 months from today.

You don’t get the life you deserve, you get the life you work for. You get who you are and what you do. FEAR…You can either forget everything and run or face everything and rise.

Main Take-Aways:

  • Persistence trumps college degrees.
  • You don’t have to have a bad story, you can use other people’s story.
  • People buy into you, not your products

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Question of the Day:

Whose story has ad the most impact on your life? Do leave a comment below.

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The ugly truth about being an entrepreneur – 3 things that will trigger second thoughts

The ugly truth about being an entrepreneur – 3 things that will trigger second thoughts

Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, fulfilling and exceptionally rewarding. The adrenaline rush that accompanies the ability to risk it all for the sake of that thing that you love gives life to your soul.

But is it all what entrepreneurs make it out to be? Is all that entrepreneurial glitter, really gold? Truth be told, the journey of an entrepreneur is not without its many valleys. Yes, they are peaks too but they can be short-lived.


013 – Using Gamification Tools & Techniques to Make Learning Fun & Competitive, with Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby is the CEO and Founder of EduFocal Limited, an E-Learning web application for students at the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) levels. Featured on the BBC, he was a Speaker at President Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University in 2016. He is a tech trailblazer, revolutionizing the approach to education in Jamaica.

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Show  Notes:

What crazy activities do you dream of trying someday?

I want to do sky diving and snowboarding off a mountain.

When and why did you start EduFocal?

I started in late 2011. We officially launched March 15, 2012. We just celebrated our 5th birthday. We borrow methods from video gaming and implemented it into the learning process. We use the level up system and the leader board. We offer over 15,000 test prep questions for students. They pay a subscription fee and then they start answering questions. Once they answer the question correctly, they are earning experience points and they’re leveling up and winning prizes at the same time and being ranked on the leader board. That’s fun for students, especially the younger ones. They find it interactive and captivating.

At the conceptualization, how did you know that this model would be effective?

To be honest I didn’t. We did no surveys before. It didn’t cross my mind at the time to do any testing. I kind of went out on a limb, built this application and then looked for feedback afterwards. And that’s a terrible idea, don’t do that!

Take us through the failures…

When we started out we anticipated that we would have gotten a lot of traction from the teachers as it was supposed to be teacher and student-centric. Our original plan was that teachers would come on, they would add their questions and their content. Based on the engagement of the content, they would be compensated. If you’re a teacher on the platform and students are engaging your content in a big way, that would determine how much you’re being paid at the end of the month. We saw that a lot of teachers weren’t trained to use computers or they weren’t interested. They were indifferent to the entire thing so we had to shift that model a little bit and focus more on it being student-centric. This was a big shift or a pivot into focusing on something else. We should have at least went out and spoken to the teachers first to get feedback to determine if this is something they would have been interested in.

Another one is that I hired too early and hired the wrong people. I wasted a lot of money ‘un-learning’. I think I was caught up in the hype to say that I have a team. I’m happy that I learnt those lessons early.

What are some of the elements that you look for in a team?

We look for people who are committed to change; to work on something that is not easy but is rewarding and fulfilling work. I prefer to work with younger people that are not as hardened in their ways. I look for people who are go-getters who can take initiative. I look for entrepreneurial people.

How did you get buy-in from the students?

Before we got buy-in from the students we had to get buy-in elsewhere. We needed teachers, so we changed the way we were engaging them. I worked on getting credibility in the market place. People saw the media as validation for what you’re doing; people take the media seriously and that give you credibility. The awards did that as well to validate – my first big award was the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award a couple months after I started EduFocal and that set things in motion for me. That has been my strategy from day 1. We’ve been featured on BBC, the UK Guardian, Virgin, Richard Branson has mentioned me in articles he’s written, we’ve been featured in the Trinidad Guardian, Trinidad Express and so on helping to push EduFocal credibility.

What has accounted for your level of success?

Being focused, and having a plan has helped. Surrounding myself with the right people. A lot of people discount the value of good advice. Good advice has helped me in a big way. If I didn’t listen to people I would have made some really big mistakes and that probably would have been the end of EduFocal. I started the company having a Board of Directors. Corporate Governance has been a big thing for me since day 1.

You need to put things in place that will ensure sustainability in the medium and long term. Getting the right kind of support is important.

What is preventing you from being burnt out, staying alert and focused?

I have a great family, I try to balance my life well; I take breaks; I try to go at least 1 new place every month and there are some days I just rest. What I’m doing requires a lot of mental and physical work. It is important to find that balance. Sometimes I change up my routine a bit like talking to students. I learn a lot from having conversations with people.

Expansion plan?

We intend to control the pipeline. We are expanding to Africa. I just came back from Nigeria; developed some strong relations and partners. Airtel is looking to partner with us and that can have far reaching impact. We are still developing new features for EduFfocal such as the ability to use our platform without internet connection and the ability to compete with each other on the platform live. It’s like 2 students taking a test at the same time.

One piece of advice for those wanting the enter the field of entrepreneurship?

Set goals for yourself; set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time bound). Most of the things people speak about in regards to success is cliche but it is cliche for a reason because it’s the truth. It sounds so obvious and easy but it is not. To commit to being disciplined is hard, monotonous and boring. Dedicating yourself to something and a craft if extremely important – be focused and have good mentors.

Main Take-Aways:

  • Put things in place that will ensure sustainability in the medium and long term.
  • Don’t discount the value of good advice.
  • Dedicating yourself to something and a craft is extremely important – be focused and have good mentors


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Question of the Day:

What are some of the ways schools can make learning fun for students? Do leave a comment below.

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