Why I Love Podcasting – It Gives Me Life

In territories like Australia, Brazil, Europe and the UK and USA, podcasts are quite popular. In many developing countries, not as much. Ever since I came into an awareness about the awesomeness of a podcast, I feel head over heels in love.

The Entrepreneurial You Podcast - Leadership Kingston Podcast

A podcast is a digital audio file available via the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, which can be received by subscribers automatically. There are, to a lesser extent, video podcasts. A llive video stream is sometimes confused with a podcast, which is not quite correct.

To access a podcast, you have the option of downloading the file straight from its website via an RSS feed. The Entrepreneurial You is available on henekawatkisporter.com for example. You may also use media software to automatically download podcasts for you like iTunes that checks for new podcast episodes when it detects an internet signal coming from your feed. This download the podcast automatically and syncs it to an MP3.

Streaming on the other hand is to listen or watch content directly from the Internet without actually downloading the file to your computer or other device. The file is downloaded from a host server in real time instead, requiring only a web browser and high-speed internet connection.

The Entrepreneurial You started as a traditional radio show in 2014 on a local radio station in Jamaica. It was profitable, running for three seasons with corporate sponsorship. BUT I knew there was more. Deep inside there has always been a drive to have a global impact – “I must move from just desire to action”, I thought. There has to be a way.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, podcasting presented itself to me. My love affair with this convenient form of content started from a conversation with Damar Hutchinson whom I met at a conference which continued with a Caribbean technology trailblazer, Ingrid Riley, who was also at the said event. I stated what I wanted to accomplish having a radio show. To cut a long story short, she recommended gong digital as a viable option. That would help me achieve my objective of wanting to reach more people to live my purpose of life transformation through inspiration.  Eventually, it would become easier to garner sponsorship if I still wanted to do traditional radio, after I would have developed a large enough online following. The digital choice was podcasting.

Hooked, doesn’t begin to explain what happened since I started listening John Lee Dumas. That was in 2016. By end March 2017 with equipment in hand, research on tools software training done and guests booked and interviewed, I successfully published my podcast in iTunes.

Seth Godin – Photo Credit: Brian Bloom

The sense of joy and peace I get from sitting behind a microphone, having a conversation with the most global, high-impact entrepreneurs is inexplicable.  I don’t see me stopping anytime soon. Why would I, when it has afforded me the opportunity to connect with persons like Richard Branson, Les Brown, Seth Godin, Jim Kwik and so many established and phenomenal entrepreneurs changing the world as we know it? During Global Entrepreneurship Week, a special edition episode was produced with a select six. This is the episode that Richard Branson is on. I’ve been able to leverage The Entrepreneurial You to achieve bigger things such as hosting conferences (both on and offline). On May 4, 2018, I will host Leadercast in Jamaica. Podcasting has enabled me to do that – it gives me life.

I get to reach people from scores of different countries including Japan which is 3rd on my list of listenership. Not only am I personally connected to my guests, I also feel a sense connection to my community of listeners as well. I’m grateful for this opportunity.

Interestingly, my stats tell me that mobile devices are where most of my community of peak performers listen from. This is very telling as it is in line with where the trend is. This easy access speaks to the amazing opportunity open to marketers. There is so much to be said for this (but imma leave it right here for now).

As podcasts form part of my personal growth strategy, there a few others that I listen to including John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire, Kattie Couric and several others randomly selected. I find this to be a great way to increase my knowledge and awareness in general – a great way to learn.

What was the first time you learnt about a podcast? Share your response below.