Episode 042 – How to Handle Dilemmas Without Losing Your Cool, with Rosalinda Randall

Rosalinda Randall Helps Businesses and Individuals find success through better Communication and Social Skills.  She focuses on communicating and interacting more effectively and with a lot less drama. She frequently appears on television and radio programs in the United States and publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, HARDI Magazine, The Muse, and Fast Company.

Show  Notes:

To break the ice, I asked Rosalinda, whether she’d rather visit the doctor or the dentist.

Her response, “The dentist. I love going to the dentist. I always make my appointment before the 6 months.”

We went on to talking about business etiquette and how to remain calm in unpleasant situations.

Some questions we discussed throughout the interview are:

  • Why do we need to care about handling dilemmas?
  • How important is cultural consideration when doing business internationally?
  • Are we being discourteous if we decide to ‘unfriend’ someone who make offensive posts on their timeline?
  • Do I have to shake hands with someone who has just wiped their nose? How can I decline that?
  • What are some of the most common rude behaviors?
  • How do we handle things that we are uncomfortable with?
  • What kind of strategy would you recommend to someone who doesn’t seem to be able to find the time to respond to emails?

Main Take-Aways:

  • As a society, we come up with what’s acceptable and what’s not. It varies across countries and cultures around the world. It is our responsibility to find out what the culture is.

  • If someone from another country is seeking my business, it is their duty to find out about the top 10 things that the United States frown up. Being considerate and aware of other’s feeling is important.

  • We don’t have to attack, defend, prove everything that comes our way. That takes away from our energy from doing good.


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