041 – Building a Culture of Innovation, Moving Ideas From the Conference Room to Execution with Tamara Kleinberg

Tamara Kleingberg is the founder of LaunchStreet, the online innovation program and community and creator of the proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge, the only assessment able to help you discover your unique Innovator Archetype so you can innovate on demand. She has been featured in INC Magazine, New York Times, TODAY Show, radio and podcasts across the globe.

Show  Notes:

To break the ice, I asked Tamara, whether she’d rather be an apple or a banana?

Her response, “Oh my gosh. I would rather be an apple, I love apples. I don’t think there is anything better than biting into a crisp apple”.

Tamara told me all about innovation and how to execute on ideas succesfully.

Some questions we discussed throughout the interview are:

What is the greatest barrier to innovation?

When you say innovation what are you actually talking about?

Why do most ideas die before leaving the conference room?

What is the innovation quotient edge and how can we use it to get results?

What’s the one thing I can do right now to up my innovation quotient?

What are those innovation killers for individuals and organizations?

Main Take-Aways:


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