038 – How to Evolve into an Unstoppable Leader – A Look at work-Life Balance, with Terry Wildemann

Terry Wildemann guides entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders to business success by helping them spring back from the brink of burnout.  Her Shiftology™ business and leadership systems offer leaders solutions to tap into their “Inner Business Game” to discover and implement untapped strategies and actionable ideas.

Show  Notes:

I asked Terry an ice-breaker question, whether she’s ever locked herself out of the house. Her response, “Oh yes! And I’ve climbed in through my share of Windows”.

Terry and I went on to talk about intuitive leadership and explored the myth of work-life balance.

Some questions I asked Terry:

Definition of work life balance

What to do when you feel like you’ve lost control of your life?

How should we deal with guilt about neglecting your different roles?

How should we deal with guilt about neglecting your different roles?

Intuitive leadership and the shiftology technique, what’s that?

Main Take-Aways:

  • Work-life-balance is a myth. The goal is to integrate both and make them parts of our lives.

  • When we acknowledge our emotions, and tune in to how our body feels, our intuition increase.

  • In a place of listening where you can go inside and tap into those intuitive places, that is what balance is about.


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