Episode 044 – All You Need to Know About Augmented and Virtual Reality for Entrepreneurs, with Steven Aukstakalnis

Steven Aukstakalnis is an author, research scientist, instructor, and consultant to government and industry in the area of Augmented and Virtual Reality. For more than 20 years, his work has focused on the application of head-mounted displays, 3D sound, and tactile feedback devices in such areas as architecture, defense, oceanography, medicine, and entertainment.

Show  Notes:

To break the ice, I asked Steven, whether he’d rather have a real transformer car, or have a space shuttle in his backyard.

His response, “I’d rather have the space shuttle.”

Our conversation was based on all things augmented and virtual reality.

Some questions I asked throughout the interview are:

  • What is augmented reality & virtual reality and the difference between the two?
  • How have they been used in entrepreneurship?
  • How expensive is this technology to implement?
  • Why should I use AR/VR to expand my brand?
  • What are some of the common mistakes that advertisers are making?
  • How long have both forms of technologies been around?
  • What are some of the side effects that are associated with virtual reality?
  • What are we going to be coming with next?

Main Take-Aways:

  • Virtual reality is a completely computer generated replacement to your true visual and audio surroundings.

  • There are a number of companies that are starting to incorporate these technologies either in promotion of their products or work or as part of their products.

  • The scientific literature shows that women of Asian descent are far more susceptible to motion sickness than for instance women in North America or the Caribbean.


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