You are an entrepreneur who operates on a shoestring budget with time being your most expensive resource. You need to be able to create designs on the fly for your social media campaigns and other promotions without paying for them with your arms and legs. If this resonates with you then you might want to try Visme.

“On May 1, 2017, I was introduced to the Premium features of Visme by its Founder, Payman Tai. Up until then, Canva was my go-to source for anything design. With Visme, most features are free to use. Some features, such as downloading projects for offline use, password protection, access to premium widgets and templates, are available for an affordable fee starting at $7/month – not a bad price for a tool that solves so many of your design problems such as time, budget and know-how.

Originally launched (beta format) in 2013, Visme is an easy to use online tool, allowing anyone to create amazing infographics, banners and presentations. You can Publish them online, make it private, embed to a site or download for offline use.  These overall features of the tool impress me.

I especially love that I can embed an audio file within my  infographics like I did in this one, “8 Reasons to Start a Podcast” – (I removed the audio as I did not want to turn you away by the constant audio in the post). 

The ability to publish a project and access it in various forms also gives Visme an edge over other online tools. Users can easily publish and share their Visme online, embed it into a website or blog and even download it as an Image, PDF or as HTML5, which will preserve all interactivity and can be used offline.

A clear alternative to PowerPoint, there are hundreds of presentation and infographic templates to choose from to advise your audience about content you want to share in a visual way. This increases the engagement with your market and your products and services to your target audience.

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Here’s a breakdown of the many features of Visme:

Tons of Assets:

Visme allows users to access millions of assets right within the application. From text widgets and animated text to millions of searchable images and thousands of high-quality vector icons in over 20 categories, there are literally tons of graphic assets for every type of project.

Templates & Themes

Visme offers users tons of new infographic templates. They have released a set of 70 awesome infographics and they say in the coming weeks, they will deploy hundreds more – all carefully created with a specific purpose and designed for a specific industry and usage.

Full Animation Engine

Visme utilizes a powerful and easy-to-use animation engine. Virtually any object can be animated  by simply clicking on an object to apply an animation preset from the “Animate this Object’ button.


Visme has over 100 professional fonts that can be applied to virtually all text objects. Simply drag and drop a text onto the stage and click on the font drop-down menu to select from a variety of fonts in all popular styles.

Add Granular Styling:

Highlight portions of text and apply custom styling specifically to that content. You can highlight words or phrases within a text block and apply styling while maintaining the rest of the content’s formatting intact.

Select and Move Multiple Objects

Select any number of objects, move and duplicate them.

Lock/Unlock Objects

Easily lock and unlock objects. Right click to launch the contextual menu and lock the object or apply other effects.

Global Color Palette

A color applied to an object or text will be saved into a global color library so it can easily be applied elsewhere. Every time you create a new color, it will be added to your global library so you can reuse it in the rest of your project.


Audio Engine

One of the most requested features is the ability to upload your own audio MP3 files. Visme provides a cool library of audio tracks that can be attached to one slide (for presentations) or used as background music for an entire project.

You can also record your own audio, attach it and manage the timing and fade controls from one panel.


As mentioned earlier, Visme also offers powerful data visualization capabilities through a series of Infograph in addition to Chart Widget tools.

Infograph widgets allow one to quickly turn simple data and numbers into dynamic, easier to understand visuals. From a speedometer to counters, ribbons and radial dials, each widget allows users to fully customize the data to display specific values.

The Chart widget offers seven variations of data representation in the form of pie charts, bar and linear graphs. It simplifies the data visualization process to the point of enabling users to generate charts within seconds. Users can also import spreadsheet data and generate a chart on the fly from the imported data.

Animated Charts:

By default, all charts are animated so when you load them, you can see them form into the final design. You can also turn off animation via a simple on/off value under Settings.

Overall, my experience with Visme is excellent. Setting up the account was easy and using it is even easier. The team there is also very supportive in the event you need customer support. They say they are actively improving the tool for a better user experience. I look forward to being updated about what they will be up to next.

If you’re looking to designs amazing banners, infographics and presentations, I recommend Visme. It’s been working well for me over the past few weeks.

For full disclosure, I received a Premium subscription of Visme to do this review.

If you have questions about more of my experience using Visme, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Heneka Watkis-Porter is a serial-entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, sociologist, author, speaker, fashion designer and podcaster. She wakes up every day with a grateful heart as she lives her purpose of “life transformation through inspiration”. She is the leading lady behind Patwa Culcha International, the company that owns the authentic Jamaica clothing brand, Patwa Apparel.


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