032 – Making Great Decision In Perfect Timing Doing The Things You Enjoy, with Paul O’Brien

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Paul O’Brien is a bootstrap entrepreneur who took something he loved and turned it into an online business that attracted over 10 million registered members. He sold the company in 2007 for millions of dollars and has since authored three books, including a modern version of the ancient I Ching — called, The Visionary I Ching. He is a sought-after speaker, raconteur & philanthropist.

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Show  Notes:

Paul and I started off with some fun before we get into the thick of things.

 I asked…Which bad habit of other people drive you crazy? 

People who don’t keep their agreements. That is vital to any relationship whether business or personal. The idea that you can just say “oh sorry something came up” and think that’s good enough, drives me crazy. I want you to say, “sorry I missed your appointment, how can I make it up to you” and then I can ask for a foot massage and I’m going to feel a lot better.

Some of  the questions I asked:

Your story is one of success. What is remarkable about your story?

Sometimes following your passion won’t get you the money you want, what would you say to those who are saying it’s not about the passion?

Why do you say decision-making is the highest leveraged human skill?

How do you define success?

You talked about the 3 stages of life, what are they?

Main Take-Aways:

  • Success is manifesting whatever your heart desires, it is personal.

  • Timing is everything in decision-making.

  • You are the CEO of your own life.

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