I want to ensure that you live the life you were create dto live. The Entrepreneurial You will help you do that. It is a podcast dedicated to bringing inspiration, motivation and practical guide to you if you are an entrepreneur or think you might be one day.

In the Caribbean, our social upbringing to a large extent inhibits the development of a naturally occurring entrepreneurial mind.  We have been socialised to go to school and get a good education so that we can graduate with enough qualifications to subsequently get a ‘good job’. This kind of thinking and culture in many ways hinder rather than facilitate growth.  We become destabilised when we are unable to land this ‘good job’.  When we eventually find one, the vicious cycle starts all over again as we are never satisfied with the salary, terms, and conditions of employment and a host of other accompanying issues.

But, we are finding creative ways to chart a path for our future via the challenging yet rewarding route of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurial You was created to highlight global, high-impact go-getters who are crushing it as entreprenerus. Every Wednesday, a new episode is released with guests such as John Lee Dumas of EOFire; Michael Pryor of Trello and JV Crum III of Conscious Millionaire. Episodes with Chris Ducker, Michael O’Neal, Richard Branson and so much more coming up.

PS. If you find the episodes interesting, I’d be happy if you would help me increase it’s rating. All  is required is for you to rate, review, download and subscribe in iTunes. Continue being awesome.


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