039 – Having a Strong Positive Mind-Set and Investing in the Stock Market, with Anmol Singh

Anmol Singh started trading during his early college years without much luck. After a year or so he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from 0 to a profitable trader. He is also an avid real estate investor with a large portfolio and has funded two other tech based companies. He now spends most of his day managing funds and working with students of Live Traders which he co-founded in 2014.

Show  Notes:

I asked Anmol an ice-breaker question, whether he’d rather always be cold or always be hot. He responded, “I’d much rather be cold than hot…. but I would like to be in Jamaica”.

Anmol and I spoke about all things investing in stocks.

Some questions asked throughout the interview:

What are stocks and how are they valued?

What are the different types of stocks that you’re engaged with?

Why should entrepreneurs choose stocks as an option to invest?

On average, what is the rate of return vis-a-vis money in the market?

What are some of risks associated with stocks?

What piece of advice do you have for the risk averse?

Where do you gather your data from?

How does time affect trading?

What stock qualify for day trading versus long term trading?

How do you determine whether to go long term or day trading?

Losers and winners, what does that mean?

What piece of advice you can share as it relates to stock?

Main Take-Aways:

  • Stock is an investment into a company. It is mainly a reflection into how a company is doing.

  • History has shown if you are investing in the stock market long term and has the patience to hold on, then it gets the best return and you can compound your money many times over.

  • You have to be mentally strong as a person to trade in the stock market or even being in entrepreneurship in general. You need to have a strong mindset of success.


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